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Shanghai, China

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Job Roles

There are plenty of different job roles available in China this summer!

All roles are available at each site with the exception of the Regional Welfare Manager which is a position that will be based in China overseeing all the sites Welfare paying close attention to all the brilliant UK staff.


Some of the roles require more experience than others but check them out and get in touch if you have any queries!

All staff need to be available from mid June to end of August

Regional Welfare Manger

The Regional Welfare Manager role has a massive area of responsibility. You will be responsible for the overall welfare of all our staff and children on each site. This is an operational role which will require you to move between camps ensuring all the staff are having a brilliant time and any problems are resolved quickly, therefore you will need to be a quick thinker and decision maker. You will be the main contact between the UK and China and you will update the UK on a daily and weekly basis.

Minimum Age - 21

Camp Manager

As the Camp Manager you will be responsible for the smooth running of a camp. You will oversee the whole programme which is being delivered at the site. You will work closely with the China manager to ensure the facilities at the school are ready for us. You will ensure that the children are having a brilliant time and the staff delivering the activities to a high standard. You will deal with any problems that may arise and you will keep in regular contact with the Regional Welfare Manager. You need to ensure that all our policies are being followed by all staff and update any risk assessments.

Minimum Age - 21

Assistant Camp Manager

This role is one that is only available on our bigger sites in China however will be important to support the successful running and management of camps. There will be occasions where you will be expected to take charge of the camp should the Camp Manager have to go offsite or be unavailable for any reason! You will assist with managing the staff and ensuring that the camp runs well.

Minimum Age - 21

Welfare Manager

This role is another management position on site. You will be responsible for the welfare of both the staff and children. You will ensure that the children settle into camp straight away and are engaged into fun activities from the moment they are signed in. You will be the main first aider on site so will deal with any accidents/incidents. It is important that you visit all the groups to ensure everyone is enjoying camp.

Minimum Age - 21

Head Trainers

As a Head Trainer you will be responsible for a whole group. You will lead the activities on the programme and know the details for each child. You will ensure that the children are having a brilliant time and you will make sure your trainers know what they are doing. You will be with the children from the moment they wake up to when you are putting them to bed. You’ll be surrounded by energetic, excited and eager children who will make the early mornings and late nights all worth it!

Minimum Age - 18


Being a trainer is such an important role at camp! You will be working alongside your Head Trainer ensuring that each and every child is having a great time. The great thing about being a Trainer is that you get to have so much fun as you can join in the activities as well! Every day will be different and you will have a brilliant relationship with the children. Each day will be very busy as you will be with the children from when they wake up to when they are going to bed! But don’t worry you do not have to sleep in the same room as the campers!

Minimum Age - 18