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Shanghai, China

(Local Time)

British Summer Camps is excited to have teamed up with STA Travel to offer excellent tour and travel options and support whilst in China!

They offer a whole array of trips and tours with some starting and ending in Shaghai, perfect for those members of staff who want to have an adventure after camp finishes!

There are so many helpful travel products from insurance to Multi-Flex Passes to change your flights if you are having too much fun to go home!

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The Dragon Trip: Shanghai to Shanghai

Explore Shanghai and Yangshuo. Then travel by night train to the home of the panda in Chengdu. Next stop is Xian, before heading to Shaolin, the birthplace of Kung Fu. Then onto explore the charm of the capital Beijing; stopping en-route at the Great Wall. Explore Hangzhou noted as one of China’s most beautiful Cities and then Morganshan to swim in a crystal blue lagoon before heading back to Shanghai.

18 Days from £1,173

Walk the Great Wall of China

At over 21,000km (13,048 mi) in length, the Wall is a trip in and of itself. The Beijing-to-Beijing route will take you to small villages that have stood for centuries in the shadow of this massive tribute to human will and introduce you to the cuisine, culture, and history that make this one of China’s most captivating attractions.

10 Days from £849

Shanghai to Hong Kong

On this ten-day trip, you’ll get to stay in those famous Hakka roundhouses yourself and really get a sense of rural Chinese culture. Take the perfect hike in the beautiful Wuyishan area and hit up a few of the major cities as well. China can be difficult to navigate on your own, so let us take the planning off your shoulders and leave you free to simply enjoy the ride.

10 Days from £543

Disclaimer: All trips and tours booked are done so at your own risk. Any issues with the booked tours and trips are the responsibility of the Tour Operator and British Summer Camps is unable to take any responsibility. Please ensure you do your research properly before booking with STA Travel or any other tour operators.